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I have been learning a lot about industrial compactors. However, I never thought that they were that important until now. I noticed that most of the companies in UK are using commercial compactors which are quite handy especially now that we’re having problems with waste management.

waste-management.jpg I believe that there is no establishment that does not yield plenty of waste. Hence, it should be their responsibility to process their garbage the right way. We all agree that progress should not take place without proper regard for the environment and so the need for a special machine to process commercial and industrial waste should come in handy.

A number of companies already use this garbage management equipment. Some companies make use of vertical balers to treat their garbage. Others use waste compactors to press garbage so that the bulk won’t take up much space. I actually like compactors since it can really make our garbage more manageable and we don’t need to do a lot of hauling of garbage from our place to the garbage collectors.

I need to emphasize a number of reminders though.

1. Find out what kind of trash you have. We produce a lot of papers, plastics, and cardboards which can be easily pressed down by the equipment.

2. Ask your supplier what type of compactor to use for your waste. If you make plenty of dangerous or glass materials, you need to find an equipment that’s actually appropriate for you.

3. Look for the right compactor supplier. There happen to be a few notable suppliers here in the UK, so make a solid research just before you purchase.

4. Use portable compactors designed for houses. I’ve one in our kitchen and it is found on the kitchen counter.

5. Remember that waste materials like glass, chemicals, flammable materials, decaying matter, and hazardous waste cannot be put into the compactors.

I’m not saying that waste compactors work at all times. Just like any other equipment, it also needs regular maintenance to make sure they are in good condition.