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indoor-plants.jpg Don’t leave all of the greenery outdoors. Putting some plants inside your house preps you for good health particularly because indoor air can be at times more polluted. Here are some of the benefits you can get with indoor plants:

1. Gives you healthy lungs. Carpets, paints, foam insulations, household cleaners, air fresheners and even cosmetics are just some of the things that contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Exposure to these harmful compounds causes headaches, fatigues, allergies, and asthma in certain people. However, one plant per a hundred square feet of indoor space can help absorb these toxins

2. Regulates your blood pressure. An environment of plants will actually soothe you and help keep your blood pressure under control.

3. Gets you healthy in no time. Patients in hospitals who stay by a window with a natural view have quicker recoveries and use less pain medications as compared to patients who stare at blank walls. Further studies reveal that those who stayed in nursing homes surrounded by greeneries had fewer infections than those in less green environments.

You may opt to purchase plants but there is an added benefit to growing your own plants. Some people believe that gardening has added years to the lives of those long-lived people around the world. Look at the Okinawans, who have a long tradition of working with soil, they actually live up to age 78 for men and 86 for women.

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