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recycle-green-moves.jpg Doing what is right for our planet which we call home will not be a chore and will make us feel better if we know the reasons why we’re doing it. Carting gooey coffee grounds and old banana peels to the compost pile, rinsing out stinky yogurt containers for recycling, and turning off the tap while brushing your teeth can be a bit annoying but these are just some of the things you can do to show your love and gratitude for Mother Nature. What’s more, you don’t only help make our planet a better place to live in but you get some surprising health benefits as well.

Here are some green moves you can do for the world and yourself:

1.) Say “no” to paper recipts at ATM machines and self-service gas pumps. Study shows that if everyone else passed up those ATM slips, we will be able to save two billion feet of paper which is enough to go around the earth fifteen times.

But are you aware that these thermal imaging and carbonless copy papers being used for most receipts are dusted with a thin film of BPA? BPA is the estrogen-mimicking substance and is now linked to heart disease, diabetes and even birth defects. If you touch food without washing your hands after getting a receipt, you’ll absorb far more BPA than coming in contact with it in any other way. So, skip the receipts and keep it off your hands and out of your body.

2.) Avoid red meat. Don’t you know that producing two pounds of beef yields more greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants as compared to driving a car for three hours and leaving the lights on at home? This does not even include the cost of hauling the beef to the supermarket and to your home. If you skip the red meat, you don’t just help preserve the environment but you also lower your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and colon cancer. These three major killers are actually being linked to regular consumption of red meat. Switch to fish and skinless chicken and turkey or better yet, go vegetarian!

3.) Stay away from fertilizers and killer-chemical sprays by starting your own organic garden. Go natural in your garden. You’ll keep the local groundwater cleaner and make your yard a sanctuary for insects and birds. You’ll also get great-tasting veggies, lovely flowers, and a toned body. Recent study shows that gardeners get at least thirty minutes of exercise each day with all the raking, weeding and digging they do.

4.) Connect with Mother Nature by spending more of your time outdoors. This will not only improve your physical but also your mental health. Most kids spend less time outdoors and more time indoors playing video games or watching TV. Studies reveal that kids who regularly spend time outdoors have less asthma, are less stressed and have lower risk for obesity. Also, kids who have ADHD had longer attention spans and better focus after playing outdoors.