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waste-compactor.jpg Waste compactors are getting popular nowadays and are being used not only by commercial establishments but also by households. A waste compactor is a kind of recycling equipment that helps compress trash thus reducing the amount of space needed to keep garbage. It also helps in fitting more waste in one single load so when you use it, you do not need to throw a huge heap of garbage. Waste compactors are far more useful in commercial establishments than in households since companies produce more waste.

If you are still unfamiliar with waste compactors then it’s about time you increase your knowledge on its uses and advantages. These will help you understand why you need to get them installed in your office or at home.

Benefits of Using Waste Compactors

• It saves on precious space since it significantly reduces the size of your trash so you could store it easily in a much smaller space. The size of a waste compactor is also not a hassle these days. There are under-counter waste compactors which can be placed below your kitchen counter. Some are stand-alone models that come with a functional top which can be made to keep things or devices.

• Compactors help protect the environment while helping in the recycling of waste. It compresses food garbage, plastic recyclables, aluminum cans and other non-recyclable garbage. However, do not place large pieces of glass in the waste compactors.

• Modern compactors, like Dicom waste compactors, are quite easy to use. All you have to do is step on a foot pedal or simply pull open its door using a handle. After putting in enough garbage, you simply press a button to start the compression process. Some compactors come with filters and deodorizing holders to help remove the stench that may come from the compaction of food waste.

• Since the size of waste is considerably reduced by waste compactors, big companies will be making lesser trips to the dumpster. This will help them save a lot of time and reduce labor costs.

If you want to protect the environment and help keep it clean and green, then take the initiative of installing a waste compactor at home or in the office!

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